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doc_kreuger's Journal

This is a Roleplaying game journal for the character of Doc from the show Space Rangers. No copyright infringement is intended and no money is being made. No cyberlimbs were harmed in the creation of this journal.

Note: If you happened upon this journal from a link in a game, please note that Doc's not in active play there anymore.

In the year 2104, mankind has stretched the boundaries of known space, establishing remote outposts throughout the galaxy. A few elite men and women have volunteered to serve on this frontier; their charter, to uphold the law. They are part peacekeepers, part marines - the Space Rangers.

Doc Kreuger has been in the service for longer than he cares to remember. He’s also gone by ‘Doc’ for so long that no-one recalls his real name - not even his official paperwork. He thinks that at one stage he actually did the Deed Poll thing, but the hangover was so bad he really isn’t sure.

In any case, Doc is currently and happily the flight engineer for Ranger Team 377; that’s him, Boon, Jojo, Zylyn and the rookie, Kincaid. Their Chariot to the Stars is an elderly slingship bearing the nickname ‘Tin Lizzie’. 377 are, in Doc’s completely unbiased opinion, the best - and that includes his beloved Lizzie. She ain’t so much to look at, but she is, in his words, ‘very experienced’.

Doc’s expertise with all things mechanical serves his team well, and is also very useful for the man himself. His nickname of ‘Tin Man’ has a couple of meanings; in the course of Doc’s career as a Space Ranger, he’s ended up with a mechanical left arm, right leg and ear, a synthetic liver and his most remarkable bit of hardware, a mechanical heart, housed in an ejectable tray in Doc’s lower chest. All these replacements have been made necessary by injuries in the field, but Doc finds it necessary to copiously bribe the pencil-pushers at Central Command so that he won’t be retired. The Job is Doc’s Life - almost literally, and he will only let go of it when there isn’t enough left of him for technology to bring back to life.

Doc is a rogue, a roughneck, the sort of cop who will kick the answers out of a suspect or a situation if he feels it’s for the right cause. He drinks, he smokes, he gambles, and he adores 20th century rock'n'roll. His loyalty to his team is ferocious and absolute - they and the Service are perhaps the only thing he truly loves.